piece-monteeThe wedding dessert at the party is one of the important memories of the day: it has to please the eyes as well as the taste buds. Today, all shapes and all tastes are catered for. So which one to choose? Discover the wedding cake … revisited
Some find it kitschy. For others, there can be no happy wedding without it.

The Wedding cake tradition

The cake tradition goes back to the 19th century and was created by Marie-Antoine Carême, chef, and architecture enthusiast who wished to reconcile his two passions. With one order, he creates the cake that delights his customers and his work slowly but surely became the traditional marriage dessert.

It symbolizes union, happiness, prosperity and fertility. The bride has to cut it, but Darling can put his hand on hers as long as she is holding the knife. The first part should be enjoyed by them, to ban infertility and no guest shall refuse eating from it, otherwise woe to the couple! Historically, the most farsighted wives kept one hand to ensure the fidelity of their husbands. The girls placed it under their pillows in the hopes of quickly finding a soul mate.

No real set piece without figurines on top. Originally, they pictured the couple, united for a lifetime! Today, weds and bakers give free rein to their imagination. Thus, some opt for the burlesque, the bride appearing as the one requiring Cheri to put the ring on her finger! Others take the opportunity to become a famous couple like Mickey and Minnie, or choose statuettes where style and elegance take precedence over attention to detail. Be warned, not to ever drop the figurines when cutting the cake, it shall cast doom on your union.

The traditional wedding cake consists of puffs croquembouches, filled with cream and bound by a caramel glaze. Today’s pyramid leaves room for all kinds of cakes and the wildest forms: motorcycle, butterflies, Palaces …

Be creative and enjoy!