lingerieIt takes almost as much time to choose them as it takes to choose the dress! They must combine glamour, comfort, beauty and discretion. Learn how to find beautiful lingerie in a few lessons …

Lesson No. 1

You can opt for two lingerie, one, comfortable for a day, another, for a more sexy wedding night.

Lesson No. 2

The choice is to operate according to the dress necklines, bust and back, shape, the color and fabric that were chosen.

Lesson No. 3

Those who like colored lingerie, can choose one of their favorite tone if they are sure it will not show by transparency in the dress.

Lesson No. 4

Be sure to test the comfort of your lingerie, it is important that you feel comfortable in wearing it.

Lesson No. 5

The plunging neckline: wear a push-up bra that will enhance your breasts.

Lesson No. 6

Wide neckline: choose a bra or a bustier. Be careful not to let the laces show!

Lesson No. 7

Dress cut in the back, with shoulders bare: choose the bustier, the corset or bra band.

Lesson No. 8

Cross back dress or U.S. armholes: Adopt a bra with transparent straps or halter-type, tied behind the neck.

Lesson No. 9

Shorty, boxer, thong, garter belt, freestanding stockings… bet primarily on comfort and discretion

Lesson No. 10

Enjoy yourself, now is time for it!

Little lies!

Without resorting to cosmetic surgery, lingerie manufacturers have developed many tricks that help us look to our advantage. It’s time to enjoy their creations!

Prefer a bra with integrated pads or buy silicone ones, you can reuse them as much as you want.

For good support, a bra with straps is required. Your dress should feature straps or sleeves.

Abdominal curves 
One quickly adopts sculpting panties with flat stomach, slim waist effect. Take the time to wear them before D-Day, some are ineffective, other real instruments of torture.

Falling buttocks
The Push-up pants, greenhouse galba are effective and can even be pretty!