lieu-de-receptionYou are now at an important stage of preparations, the choice of the reception venue. Your heart hesitates between ambience, style, practicality? Discover the 8 points that you are required to study in order to choose effectively and with tranquility.

Originality sells…

Today, almost any four walls with a roof can be rented easily, provided they are unusual and original. Places previously closed to receptions, such museums, select clubs gladly welcome receptions. You have plenty to choose from in order to find the place of your dreams … but unusual and practical do not always mix.

The beautiful, original, that’s good! Beware, your choice of location must also meet the practical requirements essential to the success of your reception. Here is a list of questions to which all answers must be clear if you want to make your choice in the best of conditions!

1. The general framework

Can you match it to your personality, your tastes, the theme you have chosen? Is all of the reception taking place inside, can you enjoy the garden, the terrace? Can we set up a tent outside, under what conditions, at what price?

2. The location

Is the place far from where the ceremony or the cocktail are taking place? Are there hotels nearby to accommodate guests?

3. Experience

Does the location frequently host receptions? How many per year?, How many people are received? Is there a guest book, to see photos? What is the available staff?

4. The D-Day

Is yours the only marriage celebrated that day, if other festivities are planned, how do the managers organize this? Is there an end time of rental or can you dance through the night? What about cutting over the timeframe?

5. The capacity of the place

How many people do fit, standing, sitting?, Is there only one room or are there more? Is it easy to switch from one to another? Can we delimit the space and areas? Is there a quiet place for children or people who want a break? Where and how is the dance floor?

6. The equipment

Does the place offer a professional kitchen? What equipment does it provide in terms of cooktops, refrigerators and freezers? Are the tables and chairs provided, for rent, who takes care of them? Is the tableware available, or should the caterer provide this? Is the room heated if necessary? How many toilets are available, are they cleaned regularly? What is the capacity of the parking lot? Should there be a security guard on watch? Is there a facility for sound or is this to include as an extra?

7. The organization

When will you and caterers and providers, get access the room? When will it have to be given back? Is it possible to organize a brunch the next day, under what conditions and at what price? Are the providers imposed, or is it up to you to find them?

8. The budget

request a quote that clearly states all offered services including: schedules, payment terms, the conditions for ca