ouverture-bal This is probably one of the times of day where you would like to disappear, be infinitely small … just the time of the waltz. But ball opening is impossible to avoid and both magical and feared. Go, breathe deeply and enter the dance!

The waltz is considered the mother of all ballroom dances and that’s probably why it has quickly become the opening ballroom weddings.

The classic scenario of the ball opening

Traditionally, the bride opens the waltz at her father’s arm. After a few steps, they are joined by the groom and his mother. 3-4 vortices later, the groom embraces his new wife to finish the dance while the parents are with them as mixed couples.
Now decrypt this well oiled scenario: The transition from the bride from her Dad’s arms to her husband symbolizes “the gift” of the in-law. The newly united couple’s dance brand in the eyes of the audience, the transition from a young lady to her life as a woman and wife. The presence on the floor of the parents is a way for newlyweds to thank them and show them affection.

How to prepare this?

The opening of the ball is important for several reasons: it is the first dance that you perform as a husband and wife and like all first times, it must be prepared as well as possible and with as little stress as possible. It is also a reflection of your relationship to your guests and the tone of the evening that follows.

So take the time to choose your music, listen again, make sure it fits your style, how you want to appear, dance to it. Do not hesitate to take dance lessons before the wedding. Depending on your starting level, 4 to 5 lessons may suffice. Your darling will understand that it is not as ridiculous as he thinks it is and he may even come to like it. And you’ll feel princess before time!