Getting married in a small, private setting, that’s something for the express marriages in Las Vegas!

We, who all want to share our good fortune, let family, friends, relations, officially know, in order to ensure they will all be there, on D-Day. The Announcement in traditional media, as well as crazy things are allowed. The Overview …

Uses new technologies

More and more marriages use a SAVE THE DATE – a clear and precise announcement by e-mail. This message may be sent to those who you would like to invite, in order to ask them to set an appointment in their schedules.

We still love paper

The paper invitation is still valid, the majority use this traditional mail announcements. Whether it is environmentally friendly, is anecdotal.

Traditional or original?

The announcement is primarily a reflection of your personality, and the atmosphere that you are planning for your wedding. Traditionally, it is printed on Velin Arches with black writing. Today, the sizes and colors of the sheets vary and different writing systems are perfectly acceptable.

We did it ourselves!

Whether out of artistic taste or to save costs, if you decide to do everything yourself – why not? … assuming you have a lot of patience, time and equipment, because it is time-consuming. It makes sense, if very few visitors are expected.

Order it on the Internet or in a store!

Most still see the advantage of the real card, the details make all the difference to you. The online ordering makes the choice of design, the color and font selection very easy, letting you see the result immediately. Make sure that the envelopes are included in the price estimate.

Traditional or unusual text?

In older times, the announcement of the marriage was made by grandparents or parents. They had the honor and pleasure to announce the marriage of their offspring.

Today, though, children or bride and groom personally inform their relatives.

What kind of data?

Important information: date and place of civil and religious ceremonies, address to respond to, and possibly the address of the website that allows you to keep visitors up to date.

Include an invitation for the guests who you would like to invite to the dinner, others are simply kept informed.

How many pages?

Traditionally, one sheet is expected for each family, some can print two invitations that are folded into each other. The order of listing depends upon the receivers. The relatives of the bride first, when sent to the family of the bride and vice versa. These codes are now less common, especially if the affected announce themselves.

Pictures or not?

This is one of the most important trends of the moment! The invitation becomes a work of art.

Photos of the main protagonists and their descendants, or wedding pictures on custom drawings or watercolors are popular.

When are the invitations to be sent?

Send it three months before the wedding. Give a deadline for the response, usually a month before D-Day, in order to allow time for elaborating seating plans, gifts for the guests, etc …

To make the personalization complete, you can also can create individualized stamps!

The complete wedding stationery outfit 

The wedding stationery is one of the elements that imprints the style of our commitment. It therefore means a lot to you.
Learn about the different elements that make it what it is, define your stationery elements yourself and discover the latest trends

Save the Date
Invitations to the cocktail, to the dinner, to the party
Answer Cards with return envelope to the imprinted address
Detailed festivity program over one or more days
Ceremony booklet
Access plans
Customized nametag for the seat
Labels for the gifts


Colors: taupe, silver, white, off white, lilac, purple, chocolate, turquoise
Papers: bristol, the iridescent, the satin
Formats: square and rectangular
Writing: Either very simple, straight and readable, or very well done with a mixture of thick and thin strokes. Mixtures of fonts are in high demand
Texts: simplicity is the rule and the text must fit the style of the invitations
Printing: digital, thermal relief, letterpress