robe-mariee-morphologieThe choice of a dress is a constant source of questions and hesitations. Besides the style, and beauty of the garment, you must also choose according to your bodytype. listed the main types of silhouettes to help you in finding the gem …

You are rather tall

Focus on:
Rebalancing the silhouette with …
… a full skirt or storey ruffle
… a sheath dress
… a dress thats short in the front, and long behind
Say no to
Large veils
Drags that are too long
Our advice
Wear ballerinas
Choose fluid materials

You are rather short 

Focus on
Showing off the upper body and lengthen the legs with a dress using…
… a strapless bustier
… an empire style cut under the bust
… trapeze
Say no to

voluminous dresses
calf high skirts 
Our advice

Choose high heels if you’re used to them
Choose a long tail to soar the silhouette

You are rather thin

Focus on
Show off …
… the waist with a corset
… your shoulders with a wide neckline

the too tightly cut model
the straight cut
Our advice

bulky materials
Padded bra
tulle underskirt

You are more voluptuously built

Focus on
Erasing curves with a dress …
… of Empire style
… with a hoop that hugs the bust and flares out gently
… a bustier-shaped tip

Overloaded models
slinky dresses

use fluid and sober fabrics
trumpet sleeves
slim underwear to correct weaknesses
a shawl to cover up the arms