wedding ringsThese two small rings symbolize commitment and unity, both for the outside world and for those who are married. These few grams of metal and gems are now the centre of our attention. Here are a few tips to make an informed choice.

Where does this tradition come from?

In the Middle Ages the Knights gave their beloved one a ring. She wore it on her right ring finger, because it was believed that the vein of the heart was in connection with it. Although today the wedding ring is worn on the left too, it remains above all a symbol of commitment. But the classic yellow gold ring today quite often leaves its place to other models. Models with diamonds, rose gold, white gold or platinum are not uncommon. The trend of the day goes towards self-designed rings.

Identical or different rings?

The value assigned to this ring will remain the same, whether the bride and groom wear the same model or not. The key is to always listen to one’s personal taste and to choose accordingly. Three criteria come into play: the shape, width and style. The shape is curved or flat, and the width is to be adapted to the length of the hand. As for the model, the jewelers compete with impressive ingenuity in this area.

With or without gems?

Only few men dare to wear the metal-gem-mix, these variants are usually ladies’ rings. Each gem has its own meaning.
The diamond: It reflects commitment and purity, perfection and power to resist. It symbolizes eternal love, forecasting a successful marriage.
The green emerald reflects true love and happiness. It is supposed to alleviate conflict and increase trust.
The red ruby  expresses passion and strength. It aims at increasing the stability of the marriage and protect from betrayal.
The blue sapphire symbolizes wisdom, invites you to be faithful and free of hatred.
Apart from the budget aspects, you want to try to match your wedding ring with your engagement ring if you have one. And above all, keep in mind that you will wear it for a long, long time …

The little extra that makes the difference
Traditionally, wedding rings are engraved with the names of the couple and the wedding date. Increasingly, the bride and groom go even further and engrave very personal motives and phrases, carrying a meaning that is known only to them. The date they met, their first kiss, her fingerprint …

Taking care of one’s wedding ring

Shiny, bright, just like your love, they can sometimes lose their luster. Do not panic, there is always a solution!
Read our tips on what to do, so they will shine for a lifetime.

Gold does not change color, it simply tarnishes

Regularly polishing will restore its luster.

White gold can turn gray
A rhodium plating and periodic polishing will make it sparkle again

Platinum is the most resistant metal 

It will retain its white color but never drop it on hard ground

Need a lastminute cleaning ?

Let your ring soak in warm water and dishsoap. Rub out the impurities with a soft brush.