Insurance / Wedding loan


Get peace of mind, avoid unnecessary nightmares and enjoy the preparations and the conduct of the D-Day in peace! In three words, insure your marriage!

This widespread practice of the Anglo-Saxons recently landed in Switzerland.


The insurance covers events beyond the control of the couple and that could prevent the holding of marriage: illness, failure of providers and suppliers that are essential to the conduct of D-Day

Who is covered?

The bride and groom, their lineal descendants, their best men

When and how to subscribe?

Check with insurance companies. It can be contracted until shortly before D-Day, is valid for different times according to insurers and can offer a refund or postponement of D-Day

Who can sign up?

The bride and groom directly. You can also get it as a gift!


You know from a reliable source that one does not live on bread alone! If money does not everything in the fields of marriage, it remains essential. So let’s talk about it …

Mom and Dad are no longer the main funders

Today more and more couples are financing their own wedding, in part or as a whole. This new distribution of roles mainly reflects a change in customs: marriage of persons who have financial independence, settled couples, parents with limited resources, …

Marriage and pleasure above all

Personal savings are not always sufficient to fund the big day in full. And yet this day is for the couple to realize their desires. So why get frustrated or fall into a drastic and painful savings plan? A Marriage loan is an answer that brings you closer to fulfilling your dreams.

Serenity, simplicity, flexibility, …

Contracting a Marriage loan to finance one’s marriage is more common sense than it is a capricious action. The money borrowed is used to prepare the reception with serenity and to offer you and your guests the pleasure without necessarily falling into excess.
The wedding loan is part of the family of “personal loans”, which are loans based on trust.
It is you who decide how much to borrow. A flexibility to combine your budget with your projects.

The credentials of the wedding loan

It belongs to the family of consumer credits
It offers the possibility of borrowing of CHF 5000 to CHF 250 000.
Rates are between 8.5% and 14.5%
It can be spread over a period of up to 60 months tops
The engaged couple can co-borrow
Repayment terms can be reviewed at any time
Interest payments are eligible for a taxes reduction
You have to be employed in Switzerland to benefit or have been independent for 3 years
Holders of a at least six months old driving license can contract it.