Honeymoon list


This is one of the best trips of your life and you want to fully enjoy it. You do not want to give up on those little extras that transform reality into magic and more magic? … But your budget does not follow?

Why not opt for a wedding list for your honeymoon?

The principle?

Once your chosen honeymoon destination is clear: Each step, each stop, each hotel, … you build your list of gifts related to your trip: romantic dinners, spas, boat trips, excursions and more, mask and snorkel … Contact your guests through the website from which you made the booking or the website where you filed your list at.

And then?

Your generous donors only have to log in and give you a particular gift. It is absolutely secure. Generally, they prefer to give something real and thus some of your pleasure. You can of course use the money as you want afterwards. Just remember to send them a postcard depicting the magical moments they help you to live.


Simplicity in implementation, freedom of use, a dream only a few clicks, go ahead and enjoy.