Gone are the days when you would put on your most presentable suit for the ceremony! The selection of your outfit, Sir, is now entitled to as much consideration as the choice of a wedding dress! You too want to be beautiful and at your best. Follow our guide through the main suit trends…

Suit styles

The jacket
This is a costume consisting of a black or dark gray jacket with tails, which falls on the legs and is fitted at the waist. It is traditionally worn on a gray jacket, with a white shirt and pants with gray and black stripes.
This outfit is perfect for tall people. It is often worn at traditional weddings and can be made less classic thanks to cufflinks, the color of the vest and the choice of the tie or ascot.

The traditional costume

It consists of trousers, a jacket with three or four buttons, and waistcoat. Often worn for the civil ceremony, it is also suitable for the church service.
If you choose this one, adapt it to your bodystyle before trying to follow the trend at all costs. It can be enhanced through many accessories to mitigate its very classical appearance. It offers the immense advantage that it can be worn again after the wedding. You can also choose a festive fabric that allows you to dress for special occasions.

The mandarin collar suit
It has now won over the hearts while still keeping your off-beat. It imprints your outfit with an elegant and modern style, and reflects a personality that likes to think outside the box. The jacket can be worn open or closed, on straight pants only, and with a collared shirt. It eliminates the need for accessories. You just have to match the color of your socks and belt! The jacket is traditionally dark blue but taylors have a lot of imagination in this field!

The three quarters costume 
The jacket is straight, with classic collar or Mao / Mandarin collar, with or without pockets … The combinations are quite diverse concerning this very fashionable garment in the newlyweds’ clothing  area. The jacket is worn about 15 cm above the knee, leaving all possibilities open, in terms of choice of fabrics and prints. It may even be associated with a vest, a tie or an ascot, it all depends if you want lapels or not. It can benefit naturally thin people.Choosing your wedding suit has become an as important stage  as choosing the dress. Here are some tips to follow in order to appear in the best light. You too deserve to be the handsomest at the party!

Adapt it to …

… Your body,
… Your clothing habits,
… The tone you want for your wedding.

Caution …

… Stripes make the appearance taller and thinner,
… Tiles grow the waistline,
… Dark colors make you thinner.

Choose it with someone you trust …

… Your fiancee
… Your mother,
… Your best friend,
… Your Tailor

You are the best and we love you that way!