garçons-demoisellesTaking part in the procession of honor or not, kids love to feel as elegant as the grownups at the wedding. Putting on new clothes for this day helps them to feel the exceptional side and to join the party.
But be careful to follow some rules so that they too feel at ease!

To combine elegance and comfort

Children are neither puppets nor dolls. Your choice should be guided by a search for comfortable clothing. Nothing worse than an itchy sweater!

Sort the clothes of the married with the children’s clothes

Without making them into mini newlyweds, look for some consistency of color between your clothes and theirs. Often, just a detail, a flower, a headband, a belt, a shirt is enough…

Ensure consistency but not uniformity

To help children take ownership of their outfits, offer them a mini catalog of clothes that fit them and ensure diversity and cheerfulness. This approach will save you many sweet and sour notes from the parents.

Simplify the task of the parents

Make the parents’ life easier, ask them what their final choice is and take care of the final order. Deliveries may as well be the home of each respective parent.

A J-30, remind all parents

Ask them to make sure the outfits fit well and that the shoes are selected and do not hurt their feet! In case of trouble, there will be time to react.

Think about the aftermath…

The parents of the children you have chosen to surround you will participate even more in time and / or financially if the outfits you chose can be reused later.

The budget

Tradition dictates that the bride takes over the expenses for uniforms for the children of honor. But increasingly often, mothers of children naturally assume these costs.


Some tips for creating your bridal party and have children that are all smiles!

1 / Observe as much as possible a neutral girl / boys ratio

2 / Limit the number of children, cherubs to 6-8 max,

3 / Choose children aged between 4 and 8 years, they are both old enough to be autonomous and young enough to want to participate in this type of event,

4 / Think of honoring your own children with a unique mission, it is also an important day for them,

5 / Make sure the children know each other before the marriage, their mood will be even more relaxed on D-Day,

6 / Spread as evenly as possible the children in your family and the one of your fiancé.

7 / Do not force a child to be in the procession, even on the big day, usually girls are more willing to play the princesses but boys are more reluctant, same goes for shy children.