The accessories help to finalize our look. They complement our dress and sometimes are the detail that brings a touch of madness into it all. Here is the list of all the accessories that you can get …


Between Stilettos, sandals, ballerinas with round, square or pointed toe, open or closed, flanged or laced, which ones to choose? Here are some tips to make your choice of elegant and comfortable footwear more easy.

Feet on the ground or head in the clouds?
Several criteria can help you choose the height of your heels:
your habits: Do not launch into a new experience on your wedding day, too high a heel can be barbaric if you do not regularly wear some everyday.
your body: if the long legs support any type of height, the heel refines shorter and heavier legs.
Comfort and aesthetics are synonymous with well-being.
The shape of your foot and the size of your kick are two elements to consider. If they are wide, give up the pointed ends. If you are not a fan of tight shoes, avoid blunt toes. A fine ankle will bear laces just fine, however they might make you look like a Roman centurion if your calf is strong.

Tonal or altogether offbeat?
Take a sample of the fabric of your dress with you, in order to choose the color of your shoes and their colors. Ivory shoes don’t go with a white dress. If in doubt, do not hesitate to combine two different but coordinated colors.

A case of grounds
If the decor of your union is located in the grass, instead of wearing small heels that will avoid to make the earned cm disappear into the ground. If your dance floor is slippery, remember to put an insole into your shoes.

A beautiful, very soft foot
Never forget that beauty is primarily interior! Therefore also pamper your feet. An appointment with a pedicure a few days before your wedding will give you baby feet and help alleviate nasty calluses.

Keep in mind the size of Chéri: if he is used to lean towards you, do not climb on 12 cm heels, he could feel knocked off!
Keep your shoes on when trying to decide the length of the dress

“Make your shoes”, wear them at least 10 minutes a day a few weeks before your wedding to soften them.
Think of the anti-blister bandages and a spare pair of shoes just in case.

The veil

Tulle, organza or lace, the traditional veil can be worn short, medium (covering part of the back) or long. The whole has to be in harmony with the dress. Buy it together with your dress to get colors and materials that fit perfectly.
No rule dictates when you take up your veil. It is often after the exchange of consent, to receive the kiss of the groom!


Long, they give you a romantic or glamorous look, short they fit perfectly with long sleeves or a short dress.
What concerns the material, have fun with silk, lace, cotton, leather or satin are reaching out to you! Just remember to combine materials that go well together!
As for color, no strict rule if it is consistent!


They are far away in terms of trend but you can dare to decide they are again up to date if you really want! The lace will improve your romantic look, rhinestones, sequins and colors accompany brides to look more rock and roll

Blue, old, borrowed, new

In Love and respectful of tradition, here comes the why and how …
An accessory …

… New, to symbolize the new life in which you engage,

… Borrowed, to bring happiness and luck to your marriage,

… Old, to ensure a link with your family

… Blue, the color symbolizing loyalty

Between gloves, jewelry, a veil, a garter, you have a wide choice!