formuleYou found your caterer and do not know which formula you should choose, standing, sitting, cocktail or no cocktail, after, or not. gives you the answers and provides an overview of the current trends, in order to enable you to offer your guests a moment of pure happiness.

A predefined caterer or a freely chosen one?

Depending on the choice for your reception area, the caterer is either included in the delivery or yours to find. Either this, or you organize the festivities while depending on your caterer because it has to be him and nobody else!
If included in the rental offer, meet up with him and have a taste before you commit to the place.

Standing or sitting?

A standing formula allows guests to meet more easily, changing table every time. A seated meal allows the married to circulate from table to table and see everyone. All that is left to do are the seating arrangements.
Start by being clear about the number of guests, it will help you choose the right formula. Count a ½ m² per person for a standing formula and 1 m² when seating your guests. Given the configuration of the room, ask your caterer: Can catering staff easily move around? Is there enough trained staff to serve all the guests at the same time?

Cocktail or no cocktail?

Formerly known as vin d’honneur, he had a very social function. It allows to thank acquaintances, family and neighbors invited only to the ceremony. It takes between one and three hours tops. Ideally, it takes place in a place other than where the meal takes place. When the newlyweds are leaving to get to the dinner, guests at the cocktail understand that it is time for them to take leave. It consists of cakes and drinks. If abundant, it can allow to overlook appetizers at the meal.


Sweet or salty verrines, or spoons
Presentations on slates plate or long and rectangular
Delicious dishes inspired from recipes from top chefs
Simplicity and quantity
Menus that appeal to families of different origin
Seasonal dishes
Theme stands: sushi, oriental cuisine, regional cuisine, …

The right mix

Champagne: 1 bottle for 4 people at a cocktail, for 8 people at dessert
White wine: 1 bottle for 6/8 people
Red wine: 1 bottle for 2/3 people
Water in summer, 1 bottle for 2, still water and sparkling water
Petit Fours: 6 to 8 per persons at cocktailFinding the right caterer

A list of questions to ask your caterer in order to help you see things more clearly

How he manages marriage does he cater for every year?
Can he show pictures of his achievements?
Does he organize tastings?
Does he deliver? How much does it cost?
What services does he offer? (servers, cutlery, decoration)
Who are his raw material suppliers?
Can you use another provider for alcohol, for the cake?
Does he offer a children’s menu?
Is there a clause to adjust the number of guests at the last minute?
What are the terms of cancellation and refund?
What happens overtime is needed?
Can he establish a precise estimate showing each point of the discussion?