cupcakesDessert is, at the wedding party, one of the important memories of the day: it is tasted with eyes before amazing the taste buds. Today, all shapes and all tastes are catered for. Whic one should be chosen then?

Discover the Cupcake trend

Being the offspring of a festive tradition, these funny little desserts, arranged in the shape of cakes, reconnect with today. Pastel, romantic, mischievous, sophisticated or punky, they guarantee amazement for the newlyweds and the guests!
In an immaculate tutu, in bow tie, decorated with colored pellets decorated, embellished with words of love, dressed for the ball or a punk concert, these Anglo-Saxon mini cakes know how to to ideally ally their infinite variations with the atmosphere and colors of the wedding, From the traditional to the most unusual.
The origin of cupcakes goes back to the 19th century. Bakers measured the ingredients required to make them “by the cup”, hence the name. Composed of a basic pound cake topped with very decorated frosting, they are tempting desserts of three to five centimeters in diameter and present the advantage of offering individual portions. They also allow an appropriate staging for everyone.
They can be arranged on a large table or a buffet in the style of an “ice cream shop” that brings back fond memories of the childhood. To preserve the tradition, they can be served with the wedding cake on top of the pyramid, a large round or square cake that the bride and groom will cut together.
For the décor, the choice of boxes (paper surrounding the cupcakes) also plays a role. There are all kinds, customized according to your desires, like embroidered lace, matching the colors of their contents or the style of the event. Whatever the formula, one thing is certain: those sublime little festive follies will make the guests melt and they will love them!

piece-monteeThe wedding dessert at the party is one of the important memories of the day: it has to please the eyes as well as the taste buds. Today, all shapes and all tastes are catered for. So which one to choose? Discover the wedding cake … revisited
Some find it kitschy. For others, there can be no happy wedding without it.

The Wedding cake tradition

The cake tradition goes back to the 19th century and was created by Marie-Antoine Carême, chef, and architecture enthusiast who wished to reconcile his two passions. With one order, he creates the cake that delights his customers and his work slowly but surely became the traditional marriage dessert.

It symbolizes union, happiness, prosperity and fertility. The bride has to cut it, but Darling can put his hand on hers as long as she is holding the knife. The first part should be enjoyed by them, to ban infertility and no guest shall refuse eating from it, otherwise woe to the couple! Historically, the most farsighted wives kept one hand to ensure the fidelity of their husbands. The girls placed it under their pillows in the hopes of quickly finding a soul mate.

No real set piece without figurines on top. Originally, they pictured the couple, united for a lifetime! Today, weds and bakers give free rein to their imagination. Thus, some opt for the burlesque, the bride appearing as the one requiring Cheri to put the ring on her finger! Others take the opportunity to become a famous couple like Mickey and Minnie, or choose statuettes where style and elegance take precedence over attention to detail. Be warned, not to ever drop the figurines when cutting the cake, it shall cast doom on your union.

The traditional wedding cake consists of puffs croquembouches, filled with cream and bound by a caramel glaze. Today’s pyramid leaves room for all kinds of cakes and the wildest forms: motorcycle, butterflies, Palaces …

Be creative and enjoy!

lieu-de-receptionYou are now at an important stage of preparations, the choice of the reception venue. Your heart hesitates between ambience, style, practicality? Discover the 8 points that you are required to study in order to choose effectively and with tranquility.

Originality sells…

Today, almost any four walls with a roof can be rented easily, provided they are unusual and original. Places previously closed to receptions, such museums, select clubs gladly welcome receptions. You have plenty to choose from in order to find the place of your dreams … but unusual and practical do not always mix.

The beautiful, original, that’s good! Beware, your choice of location must also meet the practical requirements essential to the success of your reception. Here is a list of questions to which all answers must be clear if you want to make your choice in the best of conditions!

1. The general framework

Can you match it to your personality, your tastes, the theme you have chosen? Is all of the reception taking place inside, can you enjoy the garden, the terrace? Can we set up a tent outside, under what conditions, at what price?

2. The location

Is the place far from where the ceremony or the cocktail are taking place? Are there hotels nearby to accommodate guests?

3. Experience

Does the location frequently host receptions? How many per year?, How many people are received? Is there a guest book, to see photos? What is the available staff?

4. The D-Day

Is yours the only marriage celebrated that day, if other festivities are planned, how do the managers organize this? Is there an end time of rental or can you dance through the night? What about cutting over the timeframe?

5. The capacity of the place

How many people do fit, standing, sitting?, Is there only one room or are there more? Is it easy to switch from one to another? Can we delimit the space and areas? Is there a quiet place for children or people who want a break? Where and how is the dance floor?

6. The equipment

Does the place offer a professional kitchen? What equipment does it provide in terms of cooktops, refrigerators and freezers? Are the tables and chairs provided, for rent, who takes care of them? Is the tableware available, or should the caterer provide this? Is the room heated if necessary? How many toilets are available, are they cleaned regularly? What is the capacity of the parking lot? Should there be a security guard on watch? Is there a facility for sound or is this to include as an extra?

7. The organization

When will you and caterers and providers, get access the room? When will it have to be given back? Is it possible to organize a brunch the next day, under what conditions and at what price? Are the providers imposed, or is it up to you to find them?

8. The budget

request a quote that clearly states all offered services including: schedules, payment terms, the conditions for ca


Discover our recipes on how to find the ideal wedding venue, one that will allow you to comfortably accommodate all your friends, that will be up to your taste, will ensure a change of scenery and be easily accessible. In short, the place of your dreams!

Use the word of mouth

I have a friend who has a friend whose sister was married to … and it was neat

Think back to the reception areas where you have been invited

No danger of copying, the newlyweds and guests are not the same!

Read the guides, directories and wedding websites

A simple click on and you will find the ideal place!

Check out the websites of castles, museums, restaurants …

Get a fast unlimited connection!

Devour magazines about marriage, a tri-annual publication that is full with addresses!

The place of your dreams is not available …

Thinking about getting married during the week
Marry in a recess period,
Ask the owners if they know a similar place,
There is definitely another place that you will like and that will highlight a different aspect of your personality

formuleYou found your caterer and do not know which formula you should choose, standing, sitting, cocktail or no cocktail, after, or not. gives you the answers and provides an overview of the current trends, in order to enable you to offer your guests a moment of pure happiness.

A predefined caterer or a freely chosen one?

Depending on the choice for your reception area, the caterer is either included in the delivery or yours to find. Either this, or you organize the festivities while depending on your caterer because it has to be him and nobody else!
If included in the rental offer, meet up with him and have a taste before you commit to the place.

Standing or sitting?

A standing formula allows guests to meet more easily, changing table every time. A seated meal allows the married to circulate from table to table and see everyone. All that is left to do are the seating arrangements.
Start by being clear about the number of guests, it will help you choose the right formula. Count a ½ m² per person for a standing formula and 1 m² when seating your guests. Given the configuration of the room, ask your caterer: Can catering staff easily move around? Is there enough trained staff to serve all the guests at the same time?

Cocktail or no cocktail?

Formerly known as vin d’honneur, he had a very social function. It allows to thank acquaintances, family and neighbors invited only to the ceremony. It takes between one and three hours tops. Ideally, it takes place in a place other than where the meal takes place. When the newlyweds are leaving to get to the dinner, guests at the cocktail understand that it is time for them to take leave. It consists of cakes and drinks. If abundant, it can allow to overlook appetizers at the meal.


Sweet or salty verrines, or spoons
Presentations on slates plate or long and rectangular
Delicious dishes inspired from recipes from top chefs
Simplicity and quantity
Menus that appeal to families of different origin
Seasonal dishes
Theme stands: sushi, oriental cuisine, regional cuisine, …

The right mix

Champagne: 1 bottle for 4 people at a cocktail, for 8 people at dessert
White wine: 1 bottle for 6/8 people
Red wine: 1 bottle for 2/3 people
Water in summer, 1 bottle for 2, still water and sparkling water
Petit Fours: 6 to 8 per persons at cocktailFinding the right caterer

A list of questions to ask your caterer in order to help you see things more clearly

How he manages marriage does he cater for every year?
Can he show pictures of his achievements?
Does he organize tastings?
Does he deliver? How much does it cost?
What services does he offer? (servers, cutlery, decoration)
Who are his raw material suppliers?
Can you use another provider for alcohol, for the cake?
Does he offer a children’s menu?
Is there a clause to adjust the number of guests at the last minute?
What are the terms of cancellation and refund?
What happens overtime is needed?
Can he establish a precise estimate showing each point of the discussion?