We want the best! One that will make us beautiful, capture the emotional moments, and will deliver sumptuous pictures, all at a reasonable price! Yes, the specifications are rigorous but very clear!
But how to find this rare gem that is the wedding photographer?

Identify your style

1 / Reflect on the style of photos you want
Classical, and traditional posed photos, reportage with the premium emotion, snapshots taken from life, offbeat look … or a mix of both styles.
2 / surf on the sites of photographers
When your eyes are catched and you think or say “WHAOH! “You’ve found the right one! Their sites must reflect their sensitivity, how they work, their talent.
3 / Seek through Networks
If the Google search leaves you hungry, ask wedding planners, reception venues, magazines, word of mouth …

Select a photographer

1 / Get in touch
Email is a good introduction to see if that date is available, what is his mode of operation, if he can come to any place… His response augurs the kind of relationship he is ready to engage with you, will he respond to your expectations, getting you to send a further Email?
2 / Be curious
Ask to see the full slideshow of a wedding to make sure that not only the best photos are published on the website.
3 / Create a trusting relationship
If the dialogue is established and the desire is still there, the Email will give way to the phone, meeting, to brief him on you, your marriage, the guests, the story of your family, friends . This is no morbid curiosity on his part! The information gathered will enable him to photograph your story on D-Day, not just another marriage.

Clarify the work of the photographer

1 / Before the Wedding …
You can do a photo shoot as lovers to help you refine your needs, understand the way he works and make you more comfortable in front of the camera during D-Day
2 / During the marriage …
Would you like his presence, from the dressing up to the opening of the ball, or only for the ceremony and reception?
3 / After the wedding …
How about a photo session in wedding clothes but relaxed, stress free and with a more relaxed timing, at your honeymoon destination?

Define the delivered media

1 / Preferring quality over quantity …
The post production work is important. The photographer selects the best pictures and works contrast and light. He treats them to print his style, the one you were so happy with when you chose it! Sometimes, only ¼ of the photos taken are delivered.
2 / Get high-definition files
Most photographers work now with digital files, so that you can get a book and a CD that you can share with your friends and family. Warning, these pictures are never free of copyright, the photographer retains ownership for life. If you wish to publish them, ask permission first. Typically, he will give his approval, asking only that his name appears.
3 / Refine options
For prints, trust him, he knows where to go for quality lab prints. It would be a shame to ruin his work with a cheap print! Consider the prices of albums, reprints, enlargements he may propose.

Establish the price

1 / Be clear about the importance of the pictures to you
After defining the style of the photos you want, ask yourself if the photos are necessary or incidental to the wedding day and for your memories. The answer to this question will help you identify the budget you want to spend.
2 / Dare to invest
A good photographer will necessarily ask high wages! You buy his experience, talent and time spent with you from the initial contact to the product delivery. Enjoy a saturated market where competition is fierce. Note however that the photographer offers complicated packages, deep discounts …
3 / Contractualize
The contract includes the options you want and a price that is set in stone. The paper reprints can range from CHF 2 to CHF 20! Negotiation may concern price, number, size and layout of the album, but never the quality!