video-de-mariageBeing a star on ones wedding day, it is obvious everyone would enjoy that. However, after D-Day, this feeling does not automatically last! Fortunately, videographers are there to capture those magical moments and allow us to relive them indefinitely.

Why a wedding video?

The day you have been preparing for months scrolls by so fast you cannot see everything. You enjoy certain moments but other scenes that take place in parallel with your friends, your families remain unknown. Film allows you to capture and engrave these moments. When you see the film after some time you will experience and discover your wedding with new eyes.

The specifics of a wedding video

It is punctuated by short sequence plans, like in the movies, because interspersed with interactive interviews of the guests made on the spot.
It can have an artistic approach and shifted with the light on details, on the dress, on accessories, places, moments of life in the heart of the marriage … It can be filmed with a modern, very fashionable and trendy eye.
It reflects the mood, exchanges, emotional moments and produces a real theater movie.
It is an invited immersive filming from the inside.

And the shooting?

The videographer comes over on the morning of the wedding and never leaves the newlyweds. He films the bride getting ready, may inquire about it to tell her future husband. If the groom wishes, he may be entitled to his own cameraman too!
Then he takes his camera at the heart of the event, into the ceremonies, the reception, to capture the vivid soul of this day while being very discreet.