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Lune-de-mielWe imagine it, we fine-tune it, we are planning then changing endlessly every detail. It is finally an opportunity to spend some time together after the whirlwind of the wedding preparations and D-Day, some time to make our dreams come true. But what is it we talk of? Well, the honeymoon, of course!

A journey like no other

It is a Western tradition, and came from England in the 1800s. The practice soon spread throughout Europe as “Travelling like an Englishman” before it took its final name, honeymoon, in the late nineteenth century.
From the beginning, this trip had a bad reputation because it represented the first opportunity for the young couple to discover themselves physically and sexually, without a chaperone from the family! It should be noted, that the female pleasure was considered as dangerous by physicians at that time.
Today, the honeymoon is a vacation unlike any else, because it marks the debut of the newly united couple. It is an opportunity to finally rediscover each other, after the hurricane of the preparations and the ceremony itself. She can finally be called Madame, both may be registered under only one name and benefit from a variety of thoughtful little gifts from our partners with whom we arrange your trip.

Following questions are what you should ask yourself

The tour operators offer many attractive offers, both in terms of destinations and the costs.
Before you decide on a destination, you should be aware of the following points:
What style would you like to give your trip? Culture, sports, relaxation, a mix of all this…
How much time do you have? Sometimes it makes sense to postpone the trip in order to have more time.
Do you like all means of transportation? Pay attention to fears of airplanes or to bad memories of endless roadtrips, …
What is your budget? Do you pay for it yourself or is your trip on the wedding list?
Do you want to organize your own trip or do you want to use the expertise of a travel agent, who can give recommendations and knows some good places that are great secrets. Also, you would be relieved of administrative and logistics and be able to find a solution even at the last moment, when there is an incident.

Vademecum of the honeymooner in 8 points

To ensure that your Honeymoon will be a happy time of relaxation, we have gathered here a few tips that will help you make this dream come true without you having to wander through nightmare. The photo or video show after your return is already in sight …

Check the validity of your passport
It would be unfortunate if the trip would fail because of something like this.

Make sure that passport and airline tickets are on the same name
Because, ladies, the geneva, zurich and Basel airports are very pleasant, but there are more interesting locations for a honeymoon!

Get your visa in time
Some countries are more and more stringent here.

Find out if any vaccinations or preventive treatments are necessary
Because you do not travel to explore the local health system!

Take the most common medications and health accessories with you
Ensure that local custom officials let you pass!

Prefer to do too much rather than too little planning

With the help of tour guides, the Internet, the friends who already know the destination, inform yourself on the specifics. After all, wouldn’t it be a shame to come home from Acapulco, while having missed the Quebrada?

Invest in a good camera
So all the wonderful moments are forever on the film.

Switch it off
You travel as a couple of people, not as a trio with the computer.