Gifts for the guests

gifts-for-the-guestsYou want to thank your family and friends for surrounding yourself on this important day of your lives. The tradition is not new but is shifting in its content. If dragees are always appreciated, the couple now prefer to be creative and offer their guests a gift that reflects their personality.

The monopoly of dragees

The dragees symbolize eternal love, fidelity and fecundity. They are the perfect gift that the newlyweds give to their guests, most often in a personalized bag. The guests take them as a memory and those who could not come to the wedding, receive them as a token of affection.
It’s a Greek legend that associates the dragees with Love. At first the Greeks dipped them in some honey before eating them. Then, a dramatic love story, like we all love them, made them into symbols of eternal love. Before his marriage, a young Greek had to return to Athens to bury his father. He promised her he would be back for the D-Day. Having misjudged the time needed for the trips, he returned later than expected. Meanwhile, his beautiful fiancee, desperate, killed herself, persuaded to be forgotten. The Gods, touched by this proof of love, then convert that almond tree that blossomed when the young man offered her his eternal love.

Today, as attention to detail has reached every event, we see that brides and grooms are looking to buy presents that are both original and representative of their personalities, their histories. Read our tips on how to please those who come to surround you.

Give away personalized gift

With your names, your photo, a symbol that means something to you,
You will not be confused with others!

Offer something original but politically correct

The aim is to please, not to shock

Choose something useful

And you can be sure your guests will use it with you in mind …

Choose non-perishable gifts

It would be too bad if someone forgets about it and has to throw it away when they want to use it!

Choose small gifts

Keep in mind that it should not take up too much space it in the bag or the car on the way back home!