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It is an essential addition to our dress and reflects our personality. It is part of the look that you will have on D-Day And besides, it brings good luck to those who will receive it. No way to make this choice lightly! Here are our tips to find the one that fits you…

A little history!

Traditionally, the bridal bouquet is chosen and purchased by the fiancé, who, you have to keep in mind, neither knows what the style nor the color of the dress will be! It is shipped to the brides’ the morning of the wedding. She will keep it with her until the cocktail. It is then put under a muffler in the newlyweds’ new home as a reminder of this beautiful day!

Different times, different manners!

Today, you will still grant a great importance to the choice of your bouquet. It should reflect your personality, agree with your body and enhance your dress. You can choose a round bouquet that has the advantage of being easy to hold. Bouquets with cascading leaves and / or drooping flowers is another alternative to consider. But mostly, do not hesitate to leave the traditional codes behind and choose handbag bouquets, metal or felt bouquets, or made out of buttons ….

The bouquet has gained acclaim!

Another trend, that comes from the United States but that delights the ladies, is the bouquet throwing. It provides an opportunity to bring together all singles invited to the wedding. The bride is positioned in front of them, but looking away, her back facing them. She launches her bouquet. Superstition has it that the solitary soul who will catch it, will be the next to get married!

Our Advice

If you absolutely want to preserve your bouquet, ask the florist to make a replica that you use for this occasion

Each flower sends a unique message. Learn to understand the language of flowers, in order to be certain the ones you will choose will clearly confirm the YES, I DO you intend to say soon. Read our flower dictionnary, kept short and entertaining…

Saying it with flowers

Love forever
Heather, Clove, Rose Pink, Volubilis

Pure feelings
Lily, fern, Primrose, Orange, White Rose

Mystery, modesty, refinement

Orchid, Violet, Verbena, Blueberry



The decoration contributes to the atmosphere of the wedding. It provides the link between the theme and the highlights of the day. It brings a touch of joy, of freshness, lightness. It is made of a thousand details, flowers, balloons, candles. Indulge yourself, let your imagination wander.

The civil status office

Ask your partner if a floral decoration is planned and what it is. If you want to change it, ask if you can. If the answer is positive, assign someone to you who will attend to receive or to bring the flowers and remove them once the ceremony ended, giving way to the next wedding.

The Shrine

Find out if your ceremony is the only scheduled, where and when it is scheduled. This will let you know the time you have to decorate the place and then give it back as it was. Traditionally simplicity is key: a majestic composition near the married and the celebrant, flowers at the entrance and a floral touch on benches or chairs of the guests. The launch of natural or artificial petals at the exit still is quite popular.

The decoration contributes to the atmosphere of the wedding. It provides the link between the theme and the highlights of the day. It brings a touch of joy, of freshness, lightness. It is made of a thousand details, flowers, balloons, candles. Indulge yourself, let your imagination wander.

The wedding car

You can opt for an outdoor decoration with a suction cup to attach the bouquet to the front or back hood. Before choosing this type of decoration, consider the number of kilometers between the places of ceremony and the driver’s driving style. Fangios and flowers do not necessarily mix!
You can also put the flowers on the rear parcel shelf or hang a few pots at the exhaust, to stay more traditionnal!

The place of the reception

Think to first ask the owners if the decoration is included in the rental quote and ask about the leeway you have.
Do not hesitate to hire plants to delineate the different spaces: cocktail, dinner, dancefloor.
If you choose a floral decoration on the tables, follow some basic rules:
The centerpieces give way to the bottles, menus, place cards, the bouquets are low to ease communication. They are adapted to the shape of the table – round for a round table, elongated or oval for a similar long table. And finally, they should be low on the odor so that each guest can enjoy the scents of the food that are to be served.
You can also opt for a warm and brightly decorated ambiance with candles and accessories related to the color theme of your wedding.

gifts-for-the-guestsYou want to thank your family and friends for surrounding yourself on this important day of your lives. The tradition is not new but is shifting in its content. If dragees are always appreciated, the couple now prefer to be creative and offer their guests a gift that reflects their personality.

The monopoly of dragees

The dragees symbolize eternal love, fidelity and fecundity. They are the perfect gift that the newlyweds give to their guests, most often in a personalized bag. The guests take them as a memory and those who could not come to the wedding, receive them as a token of affection.
It’s a Greek legend that associates the dragees with Love. At first the Greeks dipped them in some honey before eating them. Then, a dramatic love story, like we all love them, made them into symbols of eternal love. Before his marriage, a young Greek had to return to Athens to bury his father. He promised her he would be back for the D-Day. Having misjudged the time needed for the trips, he returned later than expected. Meanwhile, his beautiful fiancee, desperate, killed herself, persuaded to be forgotten. The Gods, touched by this proof of love, then convert that almond tree that blossomed when the young man offered her his eternal love.

Today, as attention to detail has reached every event, we see that brides and grooms are looking to buy presents that are both original and representative of their personalities, their histories. Read our tips on how to please those who come to surround you.

Give away personalized gift

With your names, your photo, a symbol that means something to you,
You will not be confused with others!

Offer something original but politically correct

The aim is to please, not to shock

Choose something useful

And you can be sure your guests will use it with you in mind …

Choose non-perishable gifts

It would be too bad if someone forgets about it and has to throw it away when they want to use it!

Choose small gifts

Keep in mind that it should not take up too much space it in the bag or the car on the way back home!