Civil Status

mariage-civil«The marriage ceremony creates the conjugal union. Spouses are mutually obligated to ensure prosperity and mutual agreement to provide all maintenance and education of children. They owe each other loyalty and assistance»

Article 159 of the Civil Code

The conditions of civil marriage


  • Be at least 18 years of age

• Be at least 18 years of age

  • Be unrelated in a direct line

• Have the consent of the guardian in case of guardianship

• Demonstrate the dissolution of any previous marriage

The formalities

Apply for marriage

If you are a Swiss national, submit your application to the Office of the Civil State of one of your homes…
• A certificate of civil status issued by the Office of Civil Status

If you are a foreign national, submit to the Office of Civil State of one of your homes …

• A certificate of residence

• Documents relating to your birth, your name, affiliation, marital status and nationality

Declare you meet all the conditions for a marriage

The declaration is made to the Officer of civil status. He reviews your application and notifies you in writing if the marriage can be solemnized.

If the marriage does not take place at the office in which you made your application, ask it to issue you a permit that will allow you celebrate your wedding in another office.

The marriage must take place no earlier than 10 days and no later than three months after notification by the Office of Civil Status of the possibility of getting married.

Get married

The ceremony takes place in the wedding room. It is public and celebrated in the presence of two adult witnesses that you choose.

The officer asks if you want to take you for husband and wife. Once you have answered yes, the officer says you are bound by the ties of marriage.

You then sign, along with your witnesses, a document confirming your wedding.

The officer gives you a certificate of family and marriage.

Civil marriage is a prerequisite to any religious marriage.