Short, long, colored, highlighted, retained, loose, with ornaments or without? So many capillary questions to answer, while looking forward to our marriage.
To guide us, we like to rely on the knowledge of a barber, but beware, not any barber! He must know and master all the techniques and subtleties that will keep us beautiful throughout the whole the night.


You often come along with wishes, illustrated by numerous photographs! You divide into two broad categories: “I want to stay true to my personality and my everyday appearance, but enhance it!” Or rather,” I want to look like a star on this special day! ”
Anyhow, you are looking for the perfect hairstyle, because it is essential to the look.

The role of a wedding hairdresser?

His talent lies in understanding what his client wants and how he is: what is his personality, how far is she prepared to go? It is his responsibility to question you, to make you react and guide you in your final choice, which, of course, you will pull off completely on your wedding day.
Make him explain to you the advantages and disadvantages of each preselected hairstyle, according to your face, the texture and length of your hair.
It is on this discussion that your final decision will build.

The technical realization of your hairstyle

A successful hairstyle keeps the same shape, from the styling in the morning to the late evening. The know-how of the hairdresser must allow him to master the technique to make this possible. Lacquers and pins are not sufficient and must be used properly. Lacquer will not give the same effect if it is sprayed closely or from a greater distance! Feel free to ask your stylist to explain clearly, they participate in your choice!

The importance of maintain and of the style of the wedding in the hairdo-choice

It is essential to ensure consistency between all the elements that make up your look. Or if you wish, a strong contrast between dress and hairstyle. The important thing is to feel secure with the choice one has made.
Do not hesitate to seek balance and harmony between your accessories, your hair, materials, the cut, the style of your dress and your personality.

Milestones in the preparation of your hair

Whatever the chosen hairstyle is, it is important to work the material and color rendering. Check with your stylist whether to build flexibility, fluidity, elasticity … and how.
Work on the color and emphasize your hair by giving it relief, brilliance, depth …

A wedding hairstyle is prepared several weeks in advance. If you are in a hurry, allow yourself a moment of relaxation and retreat to your hairdressers’, to replenish your strength and to choose YOUR hairstyle.

The wedding hairstyle timing 

2 months before: take a first appointment to decide on the hairstyle and possible treatments for your hair
15 days before: get the color
J-1: wash your hair
The D-Day: Get your hair done and be confident

Makeovers / cosmetology / styling ….
What can we do in addition to the wedding hairstyle?

The visagism is there to adapt a hairstyle to a face, it is one of the important parts during the choice of a wedding hairstyle just like the styling that will highlight the nature of your hair. However, a true makeover accompanies a sustainable development of personality and a willingness to change your appearance that results. For a wedding, it is more common to work more towards a sublimation of the current look than towards a complete transformation.