Beauty salons


Finally a step allowing you to be egocentric, narcissistic … and no one can blame you!
It allows you to flirt with pleasure, with all your senses, to be beautiful and sublime … Feel free to pamper yourself, this is a good time!

A baby’s skin

Head to your favorite beautician’s, in order to clarify and illuminate your complexion. At home, pamper your skin. Cleansing, exfoliation, mask, hydration must become your bathroom fellows. And be careful not to omit or cut short on anything – no shortcuts!
The cleaning is done with a cleanser and perfectly clean cotton. A tonic will remove traces of that cleanser and give your skin a boost. Exfoliation is done on a weekly basis with a mild detergent to remove dead skin cells and restore all its velvet aspect. The mask is hydrating, exfoliation follows to restore radiance to the complexion.

Starlike Make-up 

You are more natural everyday but do yourself a favor on The Day – Do various tests at a makeup artists’ or at an estheticians’ to help you highlight your strengths, because you necessarily have some: your eyes, your mouth, your complexion. These little touches will give your physique more relief and happiness on your photos!

Body of a goddess

It is time to apply all the dietary principles that you know by heart but the application of which you constantly postpone! Also grant yourself a relaxed stay: massage, sauna, Jacuzzi … If you want to wear tan, consider UV sessions or invest in a quality self tanner.

Beautiful through and through

Turn your toenails and hand nails into one additional seduction advantage. Think of false nails! Enjoy your time with a pedicure to treat corns and get a foot massage. They might be up for a hard time in your pretty shoes.

And finally …

Guys should make a stop at the dentists’ to get a bright smile through whitening.
Remember hair removal and sleeping 8 hours a night.


Emotions, heat, cold, wind, these are some things that you can not control. To stay at your best until the end of the night and to respond quickly and effectively, should any incident of this nature occur, you should always carry the following with you…

Handkerchiefs, useful for cleaning, mopping up, changing or deleting …

Talc to powder your shoes and anti-heat soles

Your beauty products: Select a thermally insulated bag that keeps the texture of your products as it should be, especially in hot weather. In this mini-freezer, you put the make-up that you used in the morning: lipstick, mascara, blush, foundation, …

A small sewing kit for retouching, with yarn in the colors of your own and your husbands’ clothes.

A pair of tights or replacement stockings 

A pair of shoes

A pair of cufflinks

And rest assured that you are the most beautiful!