Bachelor party

bachelor-partyThe bachelor party is a prenuptial tradition that consists in allowing the future wife and husband all the guilty pleasures their upcoming commitment will forbid or make difficult. Below, you will find advice on how to make this event joyful and unforgettable.

Sexism is king!

The boys on one side, the girls the other, it is for a noble cause! Each gender has its own typical activities, and this is the occasion to explore them fully for the very last time !

Pleasure tops humiliation!

There is only one rule here: The future bride or groom must enjoy herself or himself. Therefore, the program has to be set accordingly, depending on their character and personality.

When is it celebrated?

At least a week before the wedding, so as to let the honorable guests have some time to recover from the emotional and physical high times of this event.

How to prepare it?

Anticipation and organisation are the main lines. Think about reservation and delivery times, whatever the reservations and orders are. Identify the participants, assign the tasks and catch up regularily with everyone. Be firm, but still flexible at all times.
Hint: There are specialists who can help you out with these preparations.

How to surprise the fiancee or fiance?

You will have to use your imagination in order to totally surprise the concerned. Do not hesitate to pull in your or their parents, siblings or other relatives. Ask them to lock down a certain day, without disclosing the program of the meeting.


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