Renting cars, boats, carriages


Environmentalists, bucolic souls, nostalgics for the days when one took the time, why not hire a coach for your wedding.

Cinderella under the spotlights!

This outdated means of transport is becoming trendy again. It makes for a nice and pleasant break when going to town hall, to the religious ceremony or to reach, for example, the ceremony location from the reception location.
It embodies the dreams of all brides who have kept a little girl’s soul that the organization of the wedding is putting back on center stage.

A multi-faceted choice 

There is a multitude of carriages, wagons, carriages, carts, buses, convertibles, with roof or awning, 2 to 12 seats or more seats available with variable-facing, back to back or face-to-face… drawn by two horses or four depending on the model, the number of passengers, and the length of the course.

Leading the team?

The carriages are usually rented with a driver, as one needs to be an expert in order to master the horses and adapt to traffic conditions. Some rental companies are able to adapt the style to suit your wedding.

What do you get?

Lots of poetry, of magic and maybe the opportunity to offer rides kids and adults during the reception!


Lovers of beautiful chassis and beautiful chrome grills, this article is for you. Here are the car rental trends for weddings.

Why rent a car for your wedding?

The couple often wants a car mainly for pleasure and to fulfill a childhood dream like “when I grow up, I have such a car” or “when I get married, I would like this car”

What criteria should be considered?

Three criteria influencing the choice of the car: the theme of the wedding, the reception venue and style of the wedding dress.
When choosing, men often focus more attention onto the technical specifications while you ladies are more attentive to aesthetics. Yes, the car is a showcase to show you off!
Cars are usually rented with a driver, firstly, because the insurance requires it, and, secondly, it allows you greater peace of mind.

The hit parade of cars

Convertibles are popular in summer, prestige cars like Rolls Royce, Bentleys are rented all year round. The De Soto will delight collectors, while the Excalibur, looking like a real sports star, will suit those who want to feel like a star!
To distinguish yourself, decorate your car. The decoration is mainly floral, can be provided by the owner or by a florist and is authorized to the extent that it does not damage the car.

Think about…

… clarify what is included in the price, fuel, insurance, maintenance …
… inquire about the exact duration of the lease. If you go on honeymoon that evening or the next day, consider entrusting the keys to a someone you trust to give them back to the car rental company!