Fireworks, lanterns

fireworksA special day requires an exceptional show! Enjoy a fireworks display for your wedding.
The cascades of lights and showers of color will live long in your memories and those of your guests.
Many forms exist, which symbolize love, commitment and humor: hearts, rings, stars, smileys ….
Feel free to customize your fireworks thanks to the multiple effects and proposed texts it is possible to write in the air.

How to choose ?

During your appointment with the pyrotechnician, start by taking the time to define the style you want, the duration and budget, where the first depends on the second and vice versa! Then proceed to clarify the effects and colors you can give to your wedding theme.

Who is responsible for the fireworks ?

The preparation and firing are the responsibility of a pyrotechnician, who is also responsible of getting the various legal permits and of ensuring compliance with safety distances between spectators, buildings and the firing area. You can also get automatic fireworks that you can take control of yourself after a training session. Security is of course extremely important.

What is the impact of weather ?

A strong wind or rain will require to cancel. However, a little rain will lessen the effects slightly but will not prevent the show from taking place.


Lights of joy

Lets make your love reach the sky !

They come to us from Asia and provide a stunning sweet, enchanting lightshow and let you make a wish full of promise for the future.

The principle

A paper lantern, sometimes recycled to be more ecological, is distributed to each guest. You light them all together and only the married formulate a wish. Each guest however can formulate his own, you still can think what you want! However the wishes must remain secret. They will help you extend your love …!

The necessary conditions

The place must be cleared, and one has to pay attention to trees, as their leaves might be flammable. If the sky is clear, it looks even better! Talk about your project at the reception place, you probably will obtain approval.

The result

A celestial dome of light, glowing in their eyes, the magic and poetry enchants everyone…