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Gone are the days when you would put on your most presentable suit for the ceremony! The selection of your outfit, Sir, is now entitled to as much consideration as the choice of a wedding dress! You too want to be beautiful and at your best. Follow our guide through the main suit trends…

Suit styles

The jacket
This is a costume consisting of a black or dark gray jacket with tails, which falls on the legs and is fitted at the waist. It is traditionally worn on a gray jacket, with a white shirt and pants with gray and black stripes.
This outfit is perfect for tall people. It is often worn at traditional weddings and can be made less classic thanks to cufflinks, the color of the vest and the choice of the tie or ascot.

The traditional costume

It consists of trousers, a jacket with three or four buttons, and waistcoat. Often worn for the civil ceremony, it is also suitable for the church service.
If you choose this one, adapt it to your bodystyle before trying to follow the trend at all costs. It can be enhanced through many accessories to mitigate its very classical appearance. It offers the immense advantage that it can be worn again after the wedding. You can also choose a festive fabric that allows you to dress for special occasions.

The mandarin collar suit
It has now won over the hearts while still keeping your off-beat. It imprints your outfit with an elegant and modern style, and reflects a personality that likes to think outside the box. The jacket can be worn open or closed, on straight pants only, and with a collared shirt. It eliminates the need for accessories. You just have to match the color of your socks and belt! The jacket is traditionally dark blue but taylors have a lot of imagination in this field!

The three quarters costume 
The jacket is straight, with classic collar or Mao / Mandarin collar, with or without pockets … The combinations are quite diverse concerning this very fashionable garment in the newlyweds’ clothing  area. The jacket is worn about 15 cm above the knee, leaving all possibilities open, in terms of choice of fabrics and prints. It may even be associated with a vest, a tie or an ascot, it all depends if you want lapels or not. It can benefit naturally thin people.Choosing your wedding suit has become an as important stage  as choosing the dress. Here are some tips to follow in order to appear in the best light. You too deserve to be the handsomest at the party!

Adapt it to …

… Your body,
… Your clothing habits,
… The tone you want for your wedding.

Caution …

… Stripes make the appearance taller and thinner,
… Tiles grow the waistline,
… Dark colors make you thinner.

Choose it with someone you trust …

… Your fiancee
… Your mother,
… Your best friend,
… Your Tailor

You are the best and we love you that way!

wedding-plannerProfessional wedding planners were born in the English-speaking world over 50 years ago. This strange profession spreaded at the beginning of the 2000s. Mainly represented by females, they slowly but surely gained their credentials and we ask ourselves quite spontaneously whether to use their services or not.

Why use them?

The wedding planners are at your service to plan and take care of the entire preparation and conduct of the D-Day So you can relax
Because you …
Miss … time, live far from the venue of the ceremony, fear to do it wrong, want a more personalized wedding, want to be assisted by a pro and prefer to set a realistic budget and stick to it, …
What you get…
Only one interlocutor, avoid getting lost in the details, save time, be calm on D-Day, make your wedding preparation unforgettable …

What services do they offer?

The WP offer their experience, their expertise, their address book.
Benefits are a la carte or integrated into a comprehensive package. The choice is yours!
The WP are real conductors. They …
… plan stages: those that they think you might forget
… manage the budget: it is defined with you and within your means. The WP shall comply …
… advise on the various steps to perform: administrative, religious …
… seek and offer providers: permanent search of the best cost / gain ratio…
… coordinate the day of the ceremony: they keep stress at bay for you and manage the unexpected …

Finding the right WP

We need a win-win relationship with the wedding planner
A good WP has to have the following qualities: listening skills, adaptability, availability …
By word of mouth, or by reading your favorite magazines on marriage, – it is time to buy Semarier.ch! – And making a list first. Take time to meet some and test them thoroughly, while being very clear on your side on your choices, your wishes, your needs but also your doubts and questions. Only by agreeing to deliver and fair play you expect that the WP will not surprise you, strengthen you and give you those little extras that make a difference. Your wedding will be like you!

How much does it cost?

Hiring a WP, a cost perspective with extra comfort and savings.
You can get WP service as…
… one-off council charged by the hour
… coordination of D-Day with day to day charge
… whole event organization
Before reasoning in cold cash, remember that a WP can save you up to 400 hours if you see your marriage XXL. Usually, this is an average of 200 hours of questioning, doubts, wanderings, stress that you will be spared.
And, the final point, the WP functions in two patterns: a flat fee or a fixed percentage based on your budget.
The important thing is to clarify the rates from the start and to provide regular updates with your new Partner!

Is it the one ?

Semarier.ch is never short in terms of tips and tricks, in order to help you choose your wedding planner and knowingly engage in a win / win relationship with him. You will see how everything becomes easier and easier when we are well together!
1 / Be clear about your wishes
2 / Voice your questions, hesitations, …
3 / Consider him a partner
4 / Play Fair
5 / Meet 2 or 3 WPs
6 / They answer all your questions
7 / Agree to listen to his critics but remember it’s for the best
8 / Make your feelings and your common sense an ally of their experience
9 / Listen to your inner voice
10 / Consult with your partner, it is a choice of both of you!

robe-mariee-morphologieThe choice of a dress is a constant source of questions and hesitations. Besides the style, and beauty of the garment, you must also choose according to your bodytype. Semarier.ch listed the main types of silhouettes to help you in finding the gem …

You are rather tall

Focus on:
Rebalancing the silhouette with …
… a full skirt or storey ruffle
… a sheath dress
… a dress thats short in the front, and long behind
Say no to
Large veils
Drags that are too long
Our advice
Wear ballerinas
Choose fluid materials

You are rather short 

Focus on
Showing off the upper body and lengthen the legs with a dress using…
… a strapless bustier
… an empire style cut under the bust
… trapeze
Say no to

voluminous dresses
calf high skirts 
Our advice

Choose high heels if you’re used to them
Choose a long tail to soar the silhouette

You are rather thin

Focus on
Show off …
… the waist with a corset
… your shoulders with a wide neckline

the too tightly cut model
the straight cut
Our advice

bulky materials
Padded bra
tulle underskirt

You are more voluptuously built

Focus on
Erasing curves with a dress …
… of Empire style
… with a hoop that hugs the bust and flares out gently
… a bustier-shaped tip

Overloaded models
slinky dresses

use fluid and sober fabrics
trumpet sleeves
slim underwear to correct weaknesses
a shawl to cover up the arms


robe-marieeThe dress must make our dreams from when we were little girls come true, allow us to feel beautiful, please our lover and be admired by all. What a challenge!
Ready to meet it? semarier.ch gives you its 10 commandments that should allow you to choose with confidence.

1. The style you want, you will define

Consider the bride you want to be: glamorous, romantic, classical … The answer to this question can guide your first selection of models.

2. Your figure, you will analyze

The silhouette helps in determining the cut to choose to emphasize your strengths and diminish your weaknesses. Consider your shoulders, chest, hips, belly and waist and think through together with specialists in harmonious proportions how to attract attention onto your strengths.

3. Your personality, you will not forget

Whatever your body is like, your dress should also reflect your personality. Your shy or extroverted character will affect the choice of form, cut, neckline, the fabric ….

4. Trust you will

Trust the experience of experts, answer their questions even if you find them sometimes very personal, they serve only one purpose: to know you and help you in choosing your dress.

5. The recommended models, you’ll try

Initially, the shops make you try on the models you want, then, when a climate of trust has been buit up, they can offer you models that they believe go best with your personality, your body, your colors and the style of your wedding. Dive into the adventure and you’ll risk nothing but happiness!

6. The secrets of fabric you will discover 

Although he cut is important, there are matters that are just as important: The way the dress wears, its fluidity, a more or less silky, soft, stiff touche, help lighten the figure or emphasize your strengths. Blends or overlay materials, colors may therefore be an advantage.

7. Of objective views, you will surround yourself

Making the ajustments under the gaze of your best friends or your mother is a good idea. But be aware that your mom tends to see you as beautiful in all dresses, and your friends might project their own desires and disappointments onto the bride. It all goes back to the fourth commandment!

8. In the changing room, you will speak up

There is a real life of its own going on in the changing room, between the mirror and you and between you and the specialist. It is a place of secrets, revelations, positive and negative emotions depending on the reflection that appears in the mirror. Feel free to communicate your emotions.

9.The secret, you will keep

It seems that this trend is growing: More and more often, the groom would come help you decide and vote to choose dress and have his say. Ladies, let me remind you that the tradition is that your future husband only discovers that dress the day of your wedding and rest assured that it is you he loves, not your dress of a day. You will therefore not disappoint him!

10. Pleasure, you’ll take

There definitely is a dress that suits you and do not forget: it is the bride who makes the dress stand out, not the other way around.

lingerieIt takes almost as much time to choose them as it takes to choose the dress! They must combine glamour, comfort, beauty and discretion. Learn how to find beautiful lingerie in a few lessons …

Lesson No. 1

You can opt for two lingerie, one, comfortable for a day, another, for a more sexy wedding night.

Lesson No. 2

The choice is to operate according to the dress necklines, bust and back, shape, the color and fabric that were chosen.

Lesson No. 3

Those who like colored lingerie, can choose one of their favorite tone if they are sure it will not show by transparency in the dress.

Lesson No. 4

Be sure to test the comfort of your lingerie, it is important that you feel comfortable in wearing it.

Lesson No. 5

The plunging neckline: wear a push-up bra that will enhance your breasts.

Lesson No. 6

Wide neckline: choose a bra or a bustier. Be careful not to let the laces show!

Lesson No. 7

Dress cut in the back, with shoulders bare: choose the bustier, the corset or bra band.

Lesson No. 8

Cross back dress or U.S. armholes: Adopt a bra with transparent straps or halter-type, tied behind the neck.

Lesson No. 9

Shorty, boxer, thong, garter belt, freestanding stockings… bet primarily on comfort and discretion

Lesson No. 10

Enjoy yourself, now is time for it!

Little lies!

Without resorting to cosmetic surgery, lingerie manufacturers have developed many tricks that help us look to our advantage. It’s time to enjoy their creations!

Prefer a bra with integrated pads or buy silicone ones, you can reuse them as much as you want.

For good support, a bra with straps is required. Your dress should feature straps or sleeves.

Abdominal curves 
One quickly adopts sculpting panties with flat stomach, slim waist effect. Take the time to wear them before D-Day, some are ineffective, other real instruments of torture.

Falling buttocks
The Push-up pants, greenhouse galba are effective and can even be pretty!

tenue-cortege-mariageThey want to be beautiful, certainly not as much as you, but still! You also want them to their advantage and above all consistent with your own outfit. So please, give them advice that will help them choose their dress and sell yourself!

For your friends

If you have a theme, a color code, a cut, a favorite fabric, hand made …
You can opt to host unique bridesmaid dresses like they wear in the U.S. It is up to you to exercise diplomacy and tact to convince them!
If you do not want or cannot impose a similar outfit to all your friends, choose an accessory they will wear and make it a gift to them – a hat, bracelet, necklace, shoes, hairstyle ….

For your mother and mother-in-law

Pretty or not, they also fancy being stylish and comfortable in their clothes. If you do not have time to go shopping with them, or they do not want, be in a clear and diplomatic mood and voice your tastes but without imposing anything for fear of difficult to manage and long to clear side effects! Feel free to make a selection of outfits that you and them both like and leave the final decision to them, it is them who will wear it, not you!

garçons-demoisellesTaking part in the procession of honor or not, kids love to feel as elegant as the grownups at the wedding. Putting on new clothes for this day helps them to feel the exceptional side and to join the party.
But be careful to follow some rules so that they too feel at ease!

To combine elegance and comfort

Children are neither puppets nor dolls. Your choice should be guided by a search for comfortable clothing. Nothing worse than an itchy sweater!

Sort the clothes of the married with the children’s clothes

Without making them into mini newlyweds, look for some consistency of color between your clothes and theirs. Often, just a detail, a flower, a headband, a belt, a shirt is enough…

Ensure consistency but not uniformity

To help children take ownership of their outfits, offer them a mini catalog of clothes that fit them and ensure diversity and cheerfulness. This approach will save you many sweet and sour notes from the parents.

Simplify the task of the parents

Make the parents’ life easier, ask them what their final choice is and take care of the final order. Deliveries may as well be the home of each respective parent.

A J-30, remind all parents

Ask them to make sure the outfits fit well and that the shoes are selected and do not hurt their feet! In case of trouble, there will be time to react.

Think about the aftermath…

The parents of the children you have chosen to surround you will participate even more in time and / or financially if the outfits you chose can be reused later.

The budget

Tradition dictates that the bride takes over the expenses for uniforms for the children of honor. But increasingly often, mothers of children naturally assume these costs.


Some tips for creating your bridal party and have children that are all smiles!

1 / Observe as much as possible a neutral girl / boys ratio

2 / Limit the number of children, cherubs to 6-8 max,

3 / Choose children aged between 4 and 8 years, they are both old enough to be autonomous and young enough to want to participate in this type of event,

4 / Think of honoring your own children with a unique mission, it is also an important day for them,

5 / Make sure the children know each other before the marriage, their mood will be even more relaxed on D-Day,

6 / Spread as evenly as possible the children in your family and the one of your fiancé.

7 / Do not force a child to be in the procession, even on the big day, usually girls are more willing to play the princesses but boys are more reluctant, same goes for shy children.


The accessories help to finalize our look. They complement our dress and sometimes are the detail that brings a touch of madness into it all. Here is the list of all the accessories that you can get …


Between Stilettos, sandals, ballerinas with round, square or pointed toe, open or closed, flanged or laced, which ones to choose? Here are some tips to make your choice of elegant and comfortable footwear more easy.

Feet on the ground or head in the clouds?
Several criteria can help you choose the height of your heels:
your habits: Do not launch into a new experience on your wedding day, too high a heel can be barbaric if you do not regularly wear some everyday.
your body: if the long legs support any type of height, the heel refines shorter and heavier legs.
Comfort and aesthetics are synonymous with well-being.
The shape of your foot and the size of your kick are two elements to consider. If they are wide, give up the pointed ends. If you are not a fan of tight shoes, avoid blunt toes. A fine ankle will bear laces just fine, however they might make you look like a Roman centurion if your calf is strong.

Tonal or altogether offbeat?
Take a sample of the fabric of your dress with you, in order to choose the color of your shoes and their colors. Ivory shoes don’t go with a white dress. If in doubt, do not hesitate to combine two different but coordinated colors.

A case of grounds
If the decor of your union is located in the grass, instead of wearing small heels that will avoid to make the earned cm disappear into the ground. If your dance floor is slippery, remember to put an insole into your shoes.

A beautiful, very soft foot
Never forget that beauty is primarily interior! Therefore also pamper your feet. An appointment with a pedicure a few days before your wedding will give you baby feet and help alleviate nasty calluses.

Keep in mind the size of Chéri: if he is used to lean towards you, do not climb on 12 cm heels, he could feel knocked off!
Keep your shoes on when trying to decide the length of the dress

“Make your shoes”, wear them at least 10 minutes a day a few weeks before your wedding to soften them.
Think of the anti-blister bandages and a spare pair of shoes just in case.

The veil

Tulle, organza or lace, the traditional veil can be worn short, medium (covering part of the back) or long. The whole has to be in harmony with the dress. Buy it together with your dress to get colors and materials that fit perfectly.
No rule dictates when you take up your veil. It is often after the exchange of consent, to receive the kiss of the groom!


Long, they give you a romantic or glamorous look, short they fit perfectly with long sleeves or a short dress.
What concerns the material, have fun with silk, lace, cotton, leather or satin are reaching out to you! Just remember to combine materials that go well together!
As for color, no strict rule if it is consistent!


They are far away in terms of trend but you can dare to decide they are again up to date if you really want! The lace will improve your romantic look, rhinestones, sequins and colors accompany brides to look more rock and roll

Blue, old, borrowed, new

In Love and respectful of tradition, here comes the why and how …
An accessory …

… New, to symbolize the new life in which you engage,

… Borrowed, to bring happiness and luck to your marriage,

… Old, to ensure a link with your family

… Blue, the color symbolizing loyalty

Between gloves, jewelry, a veil, a garter, you have a wide choice!


cupcakesDessert is, at the wedding party, one of the important memories of the day: it is tasted with eyes before amazing the taste buds. Today, all shapes and all tastes are catered for. Whic one should be chosen then?

Discover the Cupcake trend

Being the offspring of a festive tradition, these funny little desserts, arranged in the shape of cakes, reconnect with today. Pastel, romantic, mischievous, sophisticated or punky, they guarantee amazement for the newlyweds and the guests!
In an immaculate tutu, in bow tie, decorated with colored pellets decorated, embellished with words of love, dressed for the ball or a punk concert, these Anglo-Saxon mini cakes know how to to ideally ally their infinite variations with the atmosphere and colors of the wedding, From the traditional to the most unusual.
The origin of cupcakes goes back to the 19th century. Bakers measured the ingredients required to make them “by the cup”, hence the name. Composed of a basic pound cake topped with very decorated frosting, they are tempting desserts of three to five centimeters in diameter and present the advantage of offering individual portions. They also allow an appropriate staging for everyone.
They can be arranged on a large table or a buffet in the style of an “ice cream shop” that brings back fond memories of the childhood. To preserve the tradition, they can be served with the wedding cake on top of the pyramid, a large round or square cake that the bride and groom will cut together.
For the décor, the choice of boxes (paper surrounding the cupcakes) also plays a role. There are all kinds, customized according to your desires, like embroidered lace, matching the colors of their contents or the style of the event. Whatever the formula, one thing is certain: those sublime little festive follies will make the guests melt and they will love them!

piece-monteeThe wedding dessert at the party is one of the important memories of the day: it has to please the eyes as well as the taste buds. Today, all shapes and all tastes are catered for. So which one to choose? Discover the wedding cake … revisited
Some find it kitschy. For others, there can be no happy wedding without it.

The Wedding cake tradition

The cake tradition goes back to the 19th century and was created by Marie-Antoine Carême, chef, and architecture enthusiast who wished to reconcile his two passions. With one order, he creates the cake that delights his customers and his work slowly but surely became the traditional marriage dessert.

It symbolizes union, happiness, prosperity and fertility. The bride has to cut it, but Darling can put his hand on hers as long as she is holding the knife. The first part should be enjoyed by them, to ban infertility and no guest shall refuse eating from it, otherwise woe to the couple! Historically, the most farsighted wives kept one hand to ensure the fidelity of their husbands. The girls placed it under their pillows in the hopes of quickly finding a soul mate.

No real set piece without figurines on top. Originally, they pictured the couple, united for a lifetime! Today, weds and bakers give free rein to their imagination. Thus, some opt for the burlesque, the bride appearing as the one requiring Cheri to put the ring on her finger! Others take the opportunity to become a famous couple like Mickey and Minnie, or choose statuettes where style and elegance take precedence over attention to detail. Be warned, not to ever drop the figurines when cutting the cake, it shall cast doom on your union.

The traditional wedding cake consists of puffs croquembouches, filled with cream and bound by a caramel glaze. Today’s pyramid leaves room for all kinds of cakes and the wildest forms: motorcycle, butterflies, Palaces …

Be creative and enjoy!