wedding-plannerProfessional wedding planners were born in the English-speaking world over 50 years ago. This strange profession spreaded at the beginning of the 2000s. Mainly represented by females, they slowly but surely gained their credentials and we ask ourselves quite spontaneously whether to use their services or not.

Why use them?

The wedding planners are at your service to plan and take care of the entire preparation and conduct of the D-Day So you can relax
Because you …
Miss … time, live far from the venue of the ceremony, fear to do it wrong, want a more personalized wedding, want to be assisted by a pro and prefer to set a realistic budget and stick to it, …
What you get…
Only one interlocutor, avoid getting lost in the details, save time, be calm on D-Day, make your wedding preparation unforgettable …

What services do they offer?

The WP offer their experience, their expertise, their address book.
Benefits are a la carte or integrated into a comprehensive package. The choice is yours!
The WP are real conductors. They …
… plan stages: those that they think you might forget
… manage the budget: it is defined with you and within your means. The WP shall comply …
… advise on the various steps to perform: administrative, religious …
… seek and offer providers: permanent search of the best cost / gain ratio…
… coordinate the day of the ceremony: they keep stress at bay for you and manage the unexpected …

Finding the right WP

We need a win-win relationship with the wedding planner
A good WP has to have the following qualities: listening skills, adaptability, availability …
By word of mouth, or by reading your favorite magazines on marriage, – it is time to buy! – And making a list first. Take time to meet some and test them thoroughly, while being very clear on your side on your choices, your wishes, your needs but also your doubts and questions. Only by agreeing to deliver and fair play you expect that the WP will not surprise you, strengthen you and give you those little extras that make a difference. Your wedding will be like you!

How much does it cost?

Hiring a WP, a cost perspective with extra comfort and savings.
You can get WP service as…
… one-off council charged by the hour
… coordination of D-Day with day to day charge
… whole event organization
Before reasoning in cold cash, remember that a WP can save you up to 400 hours if you see your marriage XXL. Usually, this is an average of 200 hours of questioning, doubts, wanderings, stress that you will be spared.
And, the final point, the WP functions in two patterns: a flat fee or a fixed percentage based on your budget.
The important thing is to clarify the rates from the start and to provide regular updates with your new Partner!

Is it the one ? is never short in terms of tips and tricks, in order to help you choose your wedding planner and knowingly engage in a win / win relationship with him. You will see how everything becomes easier and easier when we are well together!
1 / Be clear about your wishes
2 / Voice your questions, hesitations, …
3 / Consider him a partner
4 / Play Fair
5 / Meet 2 or 3 WPs
6 / They answer all your questions
7 / Agree to listen to his critics but remember it’s for the best
8 / Make your feelings and your common sense an ally of their experience
9 / Listen to your inner voice
10 / Consult with your partner, it is a choice of both of you!