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Are you a wedding professional?
Do you want to implement a targeted communication plan to expand your notoriety?
We invite you to contact us.
One of our advisors will then set up an appointment with you, which will serve the purpose of presenting the different brand media to you, consider your needs and develop a communication plan that meets your expectations and your budget.
Please do not hesitate to contact us!!!
We are open Monday through Friday from 9am to 12pm and from 2pm to 6pm, by phone 022 797 19 14 or email info@semarier.ch.

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Enjoy a FREE Wedding Space which will facilitate organizing your wedding:

- Your budget

- Your planning

- Your favorites

- Your quote requests

- Your comments and publications ...

... Everything is gathered for successful and stressfree preparations!

By registering on the site semarier.ch, you can also participate in our competitions!

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