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Whether you are very organized or whether you tend to arrange everything at last minute, whether you need to know all the newest wedding trends, or whether you already have a pretty clear idea on how to proceed, whether you decide to organize everything on your own, or with the help of professionals, this site was made to fit your needs.

The site is packed with tips and advice on how to efficiently organize your special day, the day you want perfect from the beginning to the end, while keeping stress to a minimum.

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Focusing on the lighting

%sFocusing on the lighting%s
Animation - renting > Lighting, sonorisation
You think you have tought of all the details, set up all the pieces together for a festive and relaxed wedding? Have you thought about the lighting? The coloring of the room or tent can come to play in different environments to mark the highlights of the reception, highlighti...
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Which sound system should I rent?

%sWhich sound system should I rent?%s
Animation - renting > Lighting, sonorisation
Your witness is an expert with playlists and you do not want to let the animation of your evening go to anyone else ... but he needs some hardware that is worthy of his talent as a DJ. So what equipment should you rent? Music sources There are three main types of music...
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