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The magazine is the only Romand magazine about marriage.

It is mainly a collection of ideas and places to organize the happiest day of your life!


3 issues per year, it is available late January, mid May and mid October


/ 500 kiosks of Suisse-Romande for 3 months

/ Free for members of the " Bride Area" (see offer by clicking " Subscriptions ")

/ Free in the Offices of Civil Status, download and in one of our 600 distribution points...


The Wedding Directory is the pocket-sized reference of the market ...


It is available each year in June:


/ 500 kiosks of Suisse-Romande for 5 months

/ By subscription

/ Free in the Offices of Civil Status and in one of our 600 distribution points...




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Digital editions

The magazine is online!

If you already have a Brides Area on the website, you can browse all our editions.
If you are not a member yet, you will have access to selected pages. Feel free to sign up to see the magazine in its integrality!

We hope you enjoy reading us!

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